About Us


Bionet, an amalgam of the words bio-electronics and network, was established in 1999 under the company slogan of “Enhancing Healthcare Service.” To prepare for the era of real telemetry service we have focused on utilizing a network interface among bio-signal measuring devices for telemetry solutions. Our continuous development based on customers’ needs and research from our R&D center enables us to stay on the cutting edge. In the first half of 2000 with our 12ch ECG, CardioCare 2000 in the lead, we’ve penetrated into the world market and expanded our market share by introducing new products; such as, fetal monitors and patient monitors. Furthermore, we’re diversifying in the direction of remote pregnancy care systems and home telemedicine services.

Excellent technology competency and stable product quality enabled us to receive FDA approval. Our company complies with international standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 and thus guarantees constant workmanship at the highest level. With qualified partners who have accumulated exceptional experience in the medical field, we serve the world market with high quality products and promise to make a seamless effort in developing a telemedicine solution so that customers can enjoy a better life.

As an extension of Bionet Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea), Bionet America, Inc. was established in September 2002 to serve the North American region. Bionet America’s core philosophy is based on a commitment to provide high quality medical products and services to enhance healthcare services. Our goal is to distribute Bionet’s fine quality products and services through working with quality dealers and distributors to successfully collaborate in making Bionet a world-class manufacturer and supplier.