World first veterinary wireless ECG that will change the way of operations in clinics


No need to visit regularly to manually write down patent’s vital signs. Automatic recoding


Monitoring your patient anywhere you work in the clinic with mobile app and desk top software


No worries for your patient to chew the cables. No hassle to your patient with unnecessary wires

VEMO, world first wearable wireless ECG is an innovative product that will increase the efficiency in your operation, saving time and money.

Check out  how this innovative product works and can change the way of operation in clinics. 



Bionet VEMO - Wireless and Wearable ECG Sensor
Bionet VEMO - Wireless and Wearable ECG Sensor
Bionet VEMO - Wireless and Wearable ECG Sensor
Bionet VEMO - Wireless and Wearable ECG Sensor
Easy & Intuitive VEMO APP

The First Wireless and Wearable ECG Sensor for Veterinary Clinics.

VEMO is a wearable, continuous ECG monitoring sensor for veterinary applications. Used with the VEMO-APP, the sensor connects to Android/iOS tablets with Bluetooth connectivity. VEMO simplifies the workflow for Veterinary care-givers, while providing ECG, HR, and RR monitoring with real-time data tracings along with alarm notifications.


Bluetooth connection keeps you free from wires

Multi Unit

Monitor up to 6 sensors on one smart device


Generate .pdf reports of interval data and waveforms


VEMO-Link app allows you to monitor anywhere in your clinic

Multi Platform

Apps available for both Android and iOS


72 hour battery life for long recording sessions
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