Veterinary Use

Designed with veterinary specific menus and icons of animal species and teeth


Use anytime, anywhere with maximum mobility of one hand operation, when you need it

Safe & Reliable

Optimized X-Ray exposure for veterinary use. Customizable exposure settings

Imaging Software

Imaging software that is easy to use, intuitive and designed for veterinary use

The Zen-PX4 and PortView Sensor provide ease and mobility to your dental imaging with the Zen’s light-weight, easy storage and quick functionality and the PortView’s ergonomic shape for easier placement.

Check out our video for an introduction to the Zen-PX4 and PortView sensor!

ZEN-PX4 - Vet Portable Veterinary Dental X-ray


PortView - Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor



ZEN-PX4 - Vet Portable Veterinary Dental X-ray
ZEN-PX4 - Vet Portable Veterinary Dental X-ray
ZEN-PX4 - Portable Veterinary dental X-ray

Portable Veterinary Dental X-ray

The diagnostic veterinary dental X-ray system ZEN-PX4 Vet is a device for photographing the teeth of animals for accurate diagnosis. It is designed to realize high quality images and reduce unnecessary radiation exposure, and is a portable device which can be operated by one hand.

Veterinary Interface

Veterinary specific menu and icons


One hand operation, only 3.3 lbs


Anywhere, anytime, when you need it


Optimized and shorter exposure times


Transfer images to PC wirelessly with PortView Sensors


2 year warranty
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Looking for a specific setting or want a glimpse into your future purchase?
Our basic operation video will guide you through all menus and settings for your ZEN-PX4 Vet unit.


Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor for ZEN-PX4 VET

The PortView intra-oral sensor brings your dental radiography to life! Our PortView sensors comes standard with CMOS technology to give you superior image quality, beveled corners for those hard-to-reach areas and IP67 waterproof rating (that’s really good, we promise). The PortView imaging software also comes standard with any sensor purchase, as well as lifetime support. It has a veterinary interface with multiple species options and a quick, no-guessing layout to make use and navigation a breeze!

2 Sensor Size Options

Available in Size 1 & 2

High Resolution

Size 2: 1,300 x 1,706 pixels
Size 1: 1,000 x 1,506 pixels


Included, veterinary-specific imaging software


Waterproof rating of IP67


Directly to ZEN-PX4 Vet or PC


2 year warranty
Optional Bite Replacement Plan
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PortView - Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor

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